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Robby Workman's Homepage

Welcome! By day, I'm a high school science teacher (Physics, to be specific), but I like to tinker with computer stuff during my hobby time, hence the existence of this website.

This site is pretty much centered around Slackware Linux and related topics, but I occasionally add things that are otherwise out of the ordinary. If you use Slackware, please have a look at the links over on the right side of the page - I maintain quite a few packages and build scripts for additional applications, although the majority of my work is now hosted at Most of what is still hosted on my personal site is either experimental in nature (testing is welcome and encouraged, by the way) or is written in such a way that it's incompatible with the goals of

Take a look at - there might be something there worth testing and such...

If you're new to Slackware, then you should probably start with The Slackware Book, which Alan Hicks and others did an excellent job of updating, and Once you're comfortable with the basics (and possibly even before), you'll find a lot of helpful information over at, of which I am (or at least try to be) a regular contributor. Eric Hameleers (AlienBob) also has a good collection of helpful information, additions, and such at his site.

Thanks to TekLinks in Birmingham, AL, for providing colocation and bandwidth.

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