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About Me

I am a 1995 graduate of Southeast Lauderdale High School in Meridian, Mississippi; I earned an Associate in Arts from Meridian Community College in 1997 and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (with a minor in Environmental Science) in 1999 from the University of West Alabama in Livingston. Finally, I recently (August 2007) earned a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from the University of Alabama.

After graduating from college, I taught 8th Grade Science at Southeast Lauderdale Middle School from August 1999 until May 2003. During that time, I also worked part-time with the Lauderdale Emergency Management Agency and was a reserve deputy with the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Dept.

I met Marla in April of 2002, and I decided to move to Tuscaloosa (Northport, actually) and find a job teaching here. I started out teaching three classes of science at Echols Middle School and two classes at neighboring Lloyd Wood Middle School before moving to LWMS full-time. I am now at Tuscaloosa County High School teaching Honors/PreAP Physics, AP Physics, and Earth & Space Science.

Marla and I have two daughters (Makenna and Madalyn) and two dogs (Kane and KeeLee).

I enjoy a lot of things, but my main hobby is computer stuff. I'm a unix guy (okay, really Slackware linux), and I run a small computer farm at home. In addition to helping with general development of Slackware, I also maintain and share sysadmin duties on with a couple of other great guys.

While I'm not very active recently, I am also a licensed amateur radio operator - W9RLW is my callsign...

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